Cancer and Sugar – Fact or Fiction?

Do you love sugar? Most people love sugar. Unfortunately cancer cells love it too.

Cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the US, second only to heart disease. The typical “cures”, chemotherapy and radiation, have a dismal success rate of around 3%. it obvious we need a better approach to curing cancer. Fortunately better approaches exist, but you won’t hear about them from your doctor. Doctors aren’t allowed to recommend alternative cures for cancer, even if they are aware of them.

There are many natural cures for cancer. Some need to be administered by a clinic, others we can perform ourselves at home. Diet has a large part to play in how we get sick in the first place, and it can also influence how we can heal. One easy measure we can take, both to prevent and stop tumor growth, is to eliminate sugar from out diets.

So how can we cure cancer, by merely rejecting all sugary foods? It seems too simple. In fact if you research this subject, you’ll find many articles on the cancer and sugar myth. They sound like the voice of wisdom. “All cells need glucose.” they proclaim. And while this is indeed true, there are differences between normal cells and cancer cells, that these articles don’t mention.

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