The Real Dangers of Canola Oil

Nothing frustrates me more than reading an article, or watching a video, that extols the virtues of cooking with Canola oil. Why? Because it’s the worst oil that humans can consume, as far as our health is concerned. In fact it was never meant for human consumption.

People think it’s healthy because it comes from a plant. Well so does Poison Ivy. Yes it’s low in saturated fat, which means absolutely nothing. That is very last century thinking, and reminds me of those dreadful margarine ads!

Here’s how Canola oil is manufactured

Canola oil is a product of the Rapeseed plant. Once the rapeseed is collected, magnets are used to remove any metal pieces that may have been collected along with the seed.

After that, the seeds are washed for around 1 hour with hexane. Hexane is a constituent of gasoline. It’s widely used as a cheap solvent in the formulation of glues for shoes and leather products, and as a de-greaser.

After the hexane wash is complete, another wash with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is performed in a spinning machine. This separates the waxy oil from the fibrous parts of the seed.

The waxes are then filtered out and used in the creation of vegetable shortening (another gross product to avoid). But now the remaining product is a cloudy brown color, and smells horrible, as the oil has turned rancid. So, bleach is then introduced to lighten the cloudy color and finally the oil is deodorized by injecting steam through it. The run off water takes the bitter odor with it. It’s also been suggested that these refining processes may also cause the formation of trans fats. We all know how healthy they are!

Here’s another video that tells us how healthy Canola oil is, then goes on to show in graphic detail how it is made. Can anyone see the irony in this video? Just watching it made me gag!

Maybe it was someone’s idea of a joke? One can only hope!

Canola oil is a refined oil that’s partially hydrogenated to increase its stability, but this significantly increases its negative health effects. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, like Canola cause inflammation in the body and calcification of the arteries, thus increasing risk of heart problems. A large percentage of canola oil is now genetically modified (based on research at the University of Florida at Gainesville). Although it’s early to tell, there are already reports that it has caused many kidney, liver and even neurological health issues.

Canola oil may also cause the life-threatening Heart disease -Keshan disease, which can cause heart lesions. This is mainly due to the presence of Erucic acid. We won’t even start on the cancer risks this stuff poses…
So what should we use in place of Canola oil – or any vegetable oil for that matter?

Coconut oil is great for high heat cooking. Extra virgin olive oil can be used for salad dressings or for low-heat cooking. Avocado oil is another healthy option, but costs a little more.

I’d be happy to take on anyone who wants to dispute this. Come on, make my day!


10 Tips for Healthy Aging

The number of birthdays you’ve enjoyed, doesn’t have to mean feeling older. Here are are 10 tips that will keep you feeling younger, and put a spring in your step!

1. Eating well is almost as important as breathing! The saying, “You are what you eat,” is literally true. The right diet will keep your body healthy. Lean protein, lots of vegetables and whole grains are the building blocks of a good diet. Drink at least five glasses of water a day too. It helps flush out toxins from the body.

2. Exercise daily. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. Simple walking is fine to start with, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. Exercising activates the lymphatic system which moves toxins out of the body.

3. Get sufficient rest. The amount of sleep people need varies greatly. As long as you feel rested, that will be the ideal amount for you. Some may need eight hours, while other can get by on six. Young people usually need more sleep than older people. Don’t be surprised if your sleep times vary as you get older.

4. Keep your muscles and bones strong with strength training. Bones weaken as we get older and muscles tend to atrophy. Lift weights or do body-weight exercises. You can use household items for weights; e.g. milk bottles filled with water.

5. A positive attitude keep you happy. Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts all day? try to switch them up to positive ones. After a few weeks of doing this, you’ll be surprised how much happier you’ll feel. It can take as little as 21 days to change a habit. Soon you’ll be thinking positive without even trying.

6.  Healthy friendships. Have an active social life. Being active socially can alleviate stress and keep us happier. Join local interest groups or clubs. Friends and family are important. Treat them like gold, and you’ll never be lonely.

7. Time hanging heavy on your hands? Why not try volunteering. It can make us feel good to know we’re helping others. You’ll never be stuck for company when you volunteer to help those in need.

8. Learning new things all the time keeps your brain young and wards off dementia. Even after retirement, always have something to wake up to. Take up a hobby or learn another language. Travel and enjoy life.

9. Throw out those cigarettes! There’s not one things that cigarettes are good for. They cost money and will take years off your life. It’s not easy to stop, so find a good support group or a smoke buddy. Giving up with a friend makes it easier.

10. De-stress yourself. Nothing ages us faster than stress. Stress can age our brain, make us feel lousy and make us sick. Try meditating, reading or just simply relax.

Age is simply a number. Eat well, move more and keep a positive, relaxed state of mind. You’ll notice the difference in just a few weeks!

Are you really serious about healthy aging? My new book “Aging Reversed” will give you detailed information on how to feel and look younger, prevent the diseases of aging, what to eat and how to move. Aging Reversed is the sum total of my many years of research on Natural and Holistic Health. Click here to get this book in the US and Australia.


How to Increase Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Low self esteem means you have a low opinion of yourself. You feel that others are better than you are. Having low self esteem can lead to feelings of depression. That’s why you should make every effort to increase your self esteem, to make yourself feel better, and stop depressed feelings. Raising your self esteem can increase feelings of well-being and contentment, as well as increasing your chances of personal success. However, this isn’t always an easy process. Thinking positive thoughts can help, but, if you’re feeling low, it may be hard to think positively. Don’t despair! There are several ways to increase your self esteem. Try these suggestions one at a time and you’ll soon notice a difference. Below, I’m going to give you a few ways to boost your self esteem and confidence.

Know Your Strengths and Focus on Those

Who are you? What are you good at? If you really think about it, there are many things you do well; maybe better than everyone else. How can you describe yourself? Are you a good friend? An awesome mom? Do you cook well? Make a list of all these qualities and achievements. When you add them up, you’ll see that you have lots of good qualities, and you’ve achieved some pretty awesome things. Often, our perception of our self worth is tied to the things we think we lack. Maybe we never went to college, or maybe we see ourselves as unattractive. we tend to compare ourselves to others, but we shouldn’t. Our appearance, our job, our bank balance, or the car we drive, are not who we really are. These are just surface gloss, and not important. Look inside yourself to find the real you. Maybe you’re generous and kind; maybe you love animals. There are so many great qualities you possess if only you’ll acknowledge them and let others see them too. People with low self esteem are often quiet and tend to be shy, not letting others, or even ourselves see the true beauty within.

You need to let your inner self shine, and not be afraid to show you true beauty to the world. We were all created for a purpose, and we are all important and unique. What’s the one area of yourself that you can choose to display? What’s the one thing you’re the most proud of? What do you love to do? Give yourself permission to dwell on this attribute and don’t be afraid to share it with everyone you know.

Stop Focusing on your Faults

We all have faults; everybody does. Not one of us is perfect. Sometimes we tend to dwell on these areas of our lives, making ourselves miserable. Pretty soon, all we can see is these faults, blowing them up to be more that what they really are. Here’s an idea. Write all your perceived faults and bad habits down on paper, then crumple it up and burn it. Writing things down can be therapeutic. We get them out of our mind and onto the page. Suddenly, they don’t seem so bad. You may even laugh at yourself for worrying about things that really aren’t all that important.

Don’t try to be Someone Else

Are there people in your life that you admire? Do you adopt their mannerisms or styles? It’s OK to simply be yourself. You’re unique and special just as you are. Don’t worry about what others expect of you, or try to live your life by their rules. Live life on your own terms and do what you’ve been dreaming about for so long Letting others dictate how you live your life will only make you miserable, and it won’t make them respect you any more. Plus you won’t find the time to do the things you enjoy, or achieve your own goals, which will plummet your self esteem and make you resent them.

Take Baby Steps

Every small success will lead to the next, and you’ll soon be taking bigger steps and feeling proud of yourself. Reward yourself each time you achieve even a small goal, and affirm to yourself how special you are for achieving it Every little step is a milestone; every victory will build your self esteem bit by bit each day.

Use the strategies above to become happier and more confident. You’re unique, you’re special and you deserve love, both from others and from yourself.