How to Heal an Addiction

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Eutaptics© and addiction

Those lucky people among us who don’t battle with any kind of addiction struggle to understand why certain behaviours are so hard to give up. Why would anyone want to pump their lungs full of smoke, especially when they know they’re undermining their health?

Why would anyone want to stick a needle in their arm without a local anesthetic?

I used to be a smoker, so I can certainly relate to nicotine addiction. I would walk to the shop in the rain to spend my last $$s on a packet of smokes when I was younger. It was not a logical choice; it was a compulsion.

So why do people become addicts?

It could be alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling or even food. Addiction is usually an avoidance behavior (displacement). We use the addiction to get rid of unpleasant feelings. As an example, we drink alcohol to release stress. Does it work? Yes. Is it a good stress reduction technique? Not in the long term.

Unfortunately addiction is tough to overcome. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, our subconscious mind reinforces the addictive behaviour, urging us to continue the habit even though it’s probably going to kill us. The subconscious mind perceives change as dangerous and this is why habits are so hard to reverse.

The best way to fight addiction therefore is to find a pathway into the subconscious and suggest to it that we are safe to let this addiction go. One effective way of doing this is called Eutaptics© (also known as Faster EFT). Eutaptics© directly addresses the subconscious mind and gently removes the fear of the unknown or, “Who will I be without this addiction?” Continue reading “How to Heal an Addiction”

Forward Head Posture – What is it?

Forward head posture, also know as turtle neck or texting head is a condition where the head is protruded forward, rather than sitting nicely on top of the trunk. This can cause pain in the upper back and neck areas and even the lower back. This is due to strain on the spine caused by the head being extended far from the body making it ‘heavier’.

Normally weighing in at between 10 or 12 pounds when nicely balanced on the neck, the head becomes a heavier burden, the more it protrudes from the trunk. In extreme forward head posture cases, the head can ‘weigh’ over forty pounds; that’s almost four times its normal weight. The stress this places on the neck and spine is enough to cause chronic pain, disk damage and, if not corrected soon enough, upper crossed syndrome, otherwise known as anterior posture syndrome, which can be hard to reverse. This is due to a shift in the body’s centre of gravity

So what causes this anomaly? Continue reading “Forward Head Posture – What is it?”

The Real Dangers of Canola Oil

Nothing frustrates me more than reading an article, or watching a video, that extols the virtues of cooking with Canola oil. Why? Because it’s the worst oil that humans can consume, as far as our health is concerned. In fact it was never meant for human consumption.

People think it’s healthy because it comes from a plant. Well so does Poison Ivy. Yes it’s low in saturated fat, which means absolutely nothing. That is very last century thinking, and reminds me of those dreadful margarine ads!

Here’s how Canola oil is manufactured

Canola oil is a product of the Rapeseed plant. Once the rapeseed is collected, magnets are used to remove any metal pieces that may have been collected along with the seed.

After that, the seeds are washed for around 1 hour with hexane. Hexane is a constituent of gasoline. It’s widely used as a cheap solvent in the formulation of glues for shoes and leather products, and as a de-greaser. Continue reading “The Real Dangers of Canola Oil”

10 Tips for Healthy Aging

The number of birthdays you’ve enjoyed, doesn’t have to mean feeling older. Here are are 10 tips that will keep you feeling younger, and put a spring in your step!

1. Eating well is almost as important as breathing! The saying, “You are what you eat,” is literally true. The right diet will keep your body healthy. Lean protein, lots of vegetables and whole grains are the building blocks of a good diet. Drink at least five glasses of water a day too. It helps flush out toxins from the body.

2. Exercise daily. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. Simple walking is fine to start with, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. Exercising activates the lymphatic system which moves toxins out of the body.

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